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Articial Intelligence. Invention. Art.
Research of AI Application. Webtoon with AI.   
"AI Empowers the World" Competition.

AI-JAM US 2023
AUGUST 18, Online Competition 

In US: Online Competition in August 18, 2023

In Asia, Vietnam: On-site Competition in October 2&3, 2023

Prior to joining the on-site event in their respective countries, participants are required to register and submit their entries online first. We will send out further details on participation via email.

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New Update of AI JAM - US 

  • From 2023, we organize annual on-site competitions for AI-JAM enthusiasts in Southeast Asia at various venues. The first venue is Vin University in Hanoi, Vietnam in October 2023.

  • For AI beginners, we provide "NO CODE" Magic canAI Platforms. All participants can submit their own unique creations using AI-JAM's innovative tools. Enjoy your own creations!  



Any inventions for solving your own problems


AI Applications

Art, 3D design, Biomedical, and others


Academic Researchwith AI (Magic canAI platform)

Human/Social Science, Environment, Engineering, and other domains


Make a art book with AI (Bobbi Diboo)

Picture Drawing for Storytelling with AI Platform (Bobbi Diboo)

1,250 Participants in 2022 

265 international teams submitted final projects and 1,250 participants appeared in the presentation.

64 Countries
in 2022

5% won the grand prize,
10% won the gold medal,
15% won the silver prize,
   20% won the bronze prize.

13 International Fund Raising

A total of 13 organizations and companies provided funding for the growth of the AI-JAM Association

Ai Jam 2019 Event Highlights
Ai Jam 2019 Event Highlights
Ai Jam 2019 Event Highlights
Ai Jam 2019 Event Highlights
Ai Jam 2019 Event Highlights
Ai Jam 2019 Event Highlights
Ai Jam 2019 Event Highlights
Ai Jam 2019 Event Highlights
Ai Jam 2019 Event Highlights


AI-JAM is an international competition based in Silicon Valley. It is a global platform where the most outstanding students and inspiring companies can share their ideas with the tech leaders of the world.

Based in HackerDojo, a birthplace of the Silicon Valley startup culture, AI-JAM submissions are shared and reviewed by professionals from tech giants and major academic institutions within the bay area.

Top submitters will also be given the chance to share their work and network with like-minded innovators during the finalist event at the heart of Silicon Valley.

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AI-JAM Programs allow students to embrace the full experience of Silicon Valley. Through our partnership with HackerDojo, we offer a suite of program where students can gain first hand experience with the most recent tech. These programs also introduce students to rich networking opportunities with today's tech leaders.

Networking Opportunities
w/ Developers, Engineers, Product Managers, etc.

Diverse Topics
AI, Startup, Smart City, Google AIY, Amazon Alexa etc.

Massive Developer Community Within Silicon Valley

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IoT Tech Camp

Earn first hand experience with the latest IoT technologies using tech kits used by todays tech giants including Google and Amazon.

Smart City Tech Workshop.png

Smart City Tech Workshop

Explore the inner workings of today mdart cities through this hand-on workshop where students can build the own model cities. Learn basic data collection and analysis and their application in building mdart cities.

Startup Camp_ Full Cycle.png

Startup Camp: Full Cycle

Explore the entire startup cycle from A to Z. Conceptualize your great idea, perform market research, and make a proof-of-concept (POC), all in a 5-day program.

Seminar _Stanford.png

Seminar @Stanford

Meet the leaders of tech at the heart of academia at Stanford University. Learn from professors, graduate students on the cutting edge of modern technologies.




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Past Participants & Guests


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