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Use AI, not just make it - Only one! 

Join the world's first AI usage competition, no coding required!


Online Competition

In US : Online Competition in August 18, 2023

In Asia, Vietnam : On-site Competition in October 2&3, 2023

Prior to joining the on-site event in their respective countries, participants are required to register and submit their entries online first. We will send out further details on participation via email.

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"Join the world's
irst and Only
AI usage competition!

Discover how to use AI in an easy, fun,
and amazing way. All skill levels and backgrounds welcome."

What's AI-JAM Competition ?

AI-JAM US is the world's first and only AI usage competition that provides an easy, fun, and amazing opportunity for anyone to explore the potential of AI. Our no-code AI usage platform, including Magic canAI, enables participants to create their own creature and turn their imaginative ideas into reality. We welcome submissions of AI inventions, applications, research papers, storybooks, and picture books from all skill levels and backgrounds, with no cash prizes awarded. Join us in this exciting journey of using AI as a tool to solve problems and make things better!

I don't know AI, but can I join?

Definitely yes! let us explain.

Just use Our Powerful AI Tools and Create something unique!

Using AI can be as easy and fun as flipping your hand! With the help of intuitive AI-powered tools like Magic Can AI, ChatGPT, DALLE-2, Bobbi Diboo  interacting with AI has become more accessible than ever.


For Example is ChatGPT, Just type in your message or question, and ChatGPT will quickly generate a response that can provide you with valuable information and insights. Its ability to understand natural language makes it easy to communicate, and its unexpected and sometimes humorous responses can add an element of fun to your interaction. 

So, It's easy right? Let's give it a try 


Easy Right? now try this AI Program
developed by AI-JAM!

Magic can AI logo (1).png

Magic Can AI

Magic can AI making machine learning more accessible than ever before! Our platform offers the capability to create powerful ML models without any coding necessary. Whether you're a data scientist or a business owner, 'Magic can AI' can help you unlock the full potential of your data and accelerate your growth.

Bobbi Diboo.png

Bobbi Diboo!

Discover the wonders of AI-generated storytelling with Bobbi Diboo! Using advanced algorithms and natural language processing, Bobbi Diboo has turns any ideas into beautiful sotrybooks. Immerse yourself in imaginative worlds and explore the limitless possibilities of AI-generated literature with Bobbi Diboo.

and now, Share your ideas on the AI-JAM competition below!

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AI JAM (6).jpeg



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1,250 Participants

in 2022 

Ai Jam 2019 Event Highlights (7).jpg

64 Countries
in 2022


3 International

Fund Raising

265 international teams submitted final projects and 1,250 participants appeared in the presentation.

5% won the grand prize,
10% won the gold medal,
15% won the silver prize,
  20% won the bronze prize.

A total of 13 organizations and companies provided funding for the growth of the AI-JAM Association


AI-JAM Programs allow students to embrace the full experience of Silicon Valley. Through our partnership with Hacker Dojo, we offer a suite of program where students can gain first hand experience with the most recent tech. These programs also introduce students to rich networking opportunities with today's tech leaders.

Networking Opportunities
w/ Developers, Engineers, Product Managers, etc.

Diverse Topics
AI, Startup, Smart City, Google AIY, Amazon Alexa etc.

Massive Developer Community Within Silicon Valley

Sandy Williams

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Casey Johnson

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Robbie White

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Silicon Valley

Santa Clara, California, United States


Past Participants & Guests


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855 Maude Avenue, Mountain View, CA


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 8:00 pm


9:00 am – 7:00 pm


9:00 am – 9:00 pm

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