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Online AI-Competition
August 31st, 2024 


🌐 How well do you utilize AI? 
 Show how you can make AI work for you 🌐

"Compete in AI Utilization: Display Your Mastery with AI Tools!"

Submission Deadline:
February 24th, 2024 (Saturday) - August 17th, 2024 (Saturday)

Final Award Announcement: August 31st, 2024

AI-JAM US is Online Competition !

Competition Overview:

🌐 Welcome to the AI Usage Competition 🌐

AI-JAM US is an international competition that evaluates your ability to solve problems using artificial intelligence as a tool. Participants of all ages utilize various AI tools such as chatGPT, automated AI platforms like AI-wonder, DALL-E, Midjourney, and more to create and share diverse creations. Showcase your ability to leverage AI through this competition. 

Interested in Participating?
Send your application & Poster/Video/Paper/Image to:


Best of AI-JAM US 2024

🏆 Participant Groups

  1. Participants with No Development Experience: Open to those without coding or technical knowledge. Utilize ChatGPT, AI-Wonder, Midjourney, and Streamlit to practice problem-solving with AI and submit your AI-driven project.

  2. Inventors: Apply artificial intelligence to existing inventions. Demonstrate how efficiency in time and cost varies, even with the same functionality. Feel free to alter the operating mechanism. Share your new inventions using your AI skills.

  3. Developers and Game Developers: Apply innovative methods using AI to enhance traditional development processes. Present cases and share outcomes of AI-enhanced development.

  4. Researchers and Academic Scholars: Submit visualized data analysis and interpretations as papers or posters. Present various results from complex research processes enhanced by AI.

🎖 Benefits and Awards

  • Benefits: Share the outcomes created through your unique ability to utilize AI tools. Learn new approaches through others' works and seize the opportunity to make them your own.

  • Awards: Receive certificates and awards for creative and innovative solutions, along with certification from AI-JAM US and PAIA in Korea.

💡 How to Participate

  1. Register: Easily sign up through sending an email: 

  2. Present your results using AI: Utilize AI tools to create

  3. Submission and Evaluation: Submit your completed solution by email: 

🌟 Key Aspects of the Contest

  • Diversity: A contest open to participants from all backgrounds and experiences.

  • Innovation: Development of creative solutions using artificial intelligence.

  • International Scale: Compete and collaborate with a diverse range of participants worldwide.

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Competition Fields:
- Invention: It's acceptable to create the same invention using your own inventive process, utilizing AI as a tool. We prioritize evaluating your proficiency in tool usage.

AWeb Application with Streamlit
- Research Paper and Poster with Data Analysis

- Music and Video Creations: Utilize AI tools to craft your own pieces and share them.
- Python Game Development
- Earth Environment Poster & Data Science Project
- Development with chatGPT, AI-wonder, and other AI tools

Competition Description:

 This competition focuses on utilizing generative and predictive artificial intelligence to enhance traditional methods in work, research, data analysis and interpretation, software development, and game development. It provides a platform for participants to apply AI in innovative ways to produce faster and higher-quality results compared to conventional methods.

Evaluation Criteria:
- The development of AI models is not a criterion for evaluation. Instead, the competition assesses the ability to use AI to produce results that are faster and of higher quality than traditional outcomes.
- Feasibility: Assessment of the implementability and applicability of the proposed solution in the real world.
- Social Impact: Consideration of the project's positive impact on society or the environment.


Types of Awards:
The following awards will be presented in this competition:

- Grand Prix: For the best project, acknowledging outstanding technical excellence and social impact.
- Gold: For projects demonstrating high technical quality and innovation.
- Silver: Based on technical excellence and feasibility.
- Bronze: Recognizing projects for their technical quality and feasibility.


Through these evaluation criteria and award categories, AI-JAM US honors participants who develop innovative projects and achieve remarkable results in the fields of artificial intelligence and data utilization.

This revised content aligns with the focus on practical AI applications and the evaluation of how AI is utilized to improve traditional methods in various fields.

We're thrilled to showcase the employee

Tools and Platforms:

  • GPT-3.5 (OpenAI) - Text Generation: A revolutionary natural language processing model capable of writing essays, coding, summarizing documents, and conversing based on user prompts.

  • DALL·E (OpenAI) - Image Creation: Generates imaginative images from textual descriptions, such as "an avocado skateboarding on the moon."

  • DeepArt - Image Style Transfer: Transforms photos into the style of famous artists, like Van Gogh or Picasso, creating new artistic pieces.

  • RunwayML - Video and Image Generation: Offers a suite of AI tools for creators to generate or modify images, videos, and audio with a user-friendly interface.

  • Jukedeck - Music Generation: Creates custom music based on genre, mood, and duration preferences, now integrated with TikTok.

  • AI-Wonder: Artificial intelligence platform developed by AI-JAM US. It is based on AutoML technology, allowing users to upload data without coding and automatically generate data analysis and suitable AI models. This enables users to quickly and efficiently build AI solutions.

   These generative AI products are expanding creative possibilities across fields like research, entertainment, and art, with their influence expected to grow further.


We are excited to have you showcase your innovative applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this competition. Below are the detailed instructions on how you can submit your work, along with the types of materials required for submission. All submissions must be sent via email.

Submission Formats:
Participants can choose to submit their AI application results in one of the following formats:

1. Poster
2. Video and Images
3. Research Paper-style Report (including images)


Content Requirements:
Regardless of the chosen submission format, your entry must include the following details:

  1. Problem Description: Clearly articulate the issue or challenge you are addressing with your project.

  2. Solution Planning: Outline the approach you have taken to solve the problem or address the challenge.

  3. Application of AI:  Please describe how you have utilized Artificial Intelligence. How did you use AI when creating music or coding a game? What kind of requests did you make to the AI, and what kind of results did the AI provide? How did you then utilize those results to create your own work? Please provide a detailed explanation.

  4. Advantages of AI Utilization: Explain the benefits of using AI over traditional methods in the context of your project.

  5. Operational Results: Submit images or videos demonstrating the functioning outcome of your project.

  6. Learning Outcomes: Share insights or learnings gained from employing AI in your project.


Submission Guidelines:

  • Ensure that your submission is comprehensive and clearly conveys how AI was instrumental in achieving the project's objectives.

  • Your submission should be insightful, reflecting on the AI technology's impact and your personal learning journey through the project.

  • All materials must be submitted via email by the specified deadline. Late submissions may not be considered for evaluation.


We look forward to receiving your submissions and exploring the innovative ways in which you've applied AI to solve real-world problems. This competition is not just about winning but sharing knowledge, insights, and sparking discussions around the potential of AI in various fields.

🌟 Don't miss this unique opportunity to redefine the boundaries of your capabilities and research. 🌟

Ready to Embark on a Transdisciplinary Journey?


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