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February 24th, 2024 


🌐 Welcome to the Practical AI Solutions Tournament (PAST) 🌐

"Data-Based Artificial Intelligence Utilization Competition"

Schedule: September 16th, 2023 (Sat) - February 16th, 2024 (Fri)
Final Award Announcement is on February 24th, 2024

Online & Offline Regoinal Qualify Competition in the world! 

""Regional qualifiers will be conducted both online and offline in each country, with the announcement of the final award recipients on February 24th.""

Competition Overview:

🌐 Welcome to the Practical AI Solutions Tournament (PAST) 🌐
"Discover the Power of Practical AI – Where Everyone Can Innovate!"

PAST is an international competition co-hosted by AI-JAM US, the Practical AI Association of Korea (PAIA), and Vietnam's Hubglobal network. This competition evaluates participants' abilities to present practical solutions in various fields using artificial intelligence.
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Code with chatGPT

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Develope with GPT, Streamlit,



Research Data Analysis

with AI

 Hackathon in Hanoi, Vietnam 

Hanoi Hackathon - PAST Regional Qualifiers

Date: December 11th - 14th, 2023
Location: Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam

Join us for an exhilarating hackathon in Hanoi as part of the Practical AI Solutions Tournament (PAST) regional qualifiers. Collaborate, innovate, and compete to showcase your AI solutions.

Interested in Participating?
Send your application to:


Best of AI-JAM ASIA 2023 & 2024

🏆 Participant Groups

  1. Participants with No Development Experience: Open to those without coding or technical knowledge. Utilize ChatGPT, AI-Wonder, Wonder-Lab, and Streamlit to practice problem-solving with AI and submit your AI-driven project.

  2. Developers and Aspiring Developers: Apply innovative methods using AI to enhance traditional development processes. Present cases and share outcomes of AI-enhanced development.

  3. Researchers and Academic Scholars: Submit visualized data analysis and interpretations as papers or posters. Present various results from complex research processes enhanced by AI.

🎖 Benefits and Awards

  • Benefits: Share and practice projects using various AI tools, receive feedback from experts, and engage in global networking.

  • Awards: Receive certificates and awards for creative and innovative solutions, along with certification from PAIA.

💡 How to Participate

  1. Register: Easily sign up through sending an email: 

  2. Present Solutions: Utilize AI to present practical solutions.

  3. Submission and Evaluation: Submit your completed solution by email: 

🌟 Key Aspects of the Contest

  • Diversity: A contest open to participants from all backgrounds and experiences.

  • Innovation: Development of creative solutions using artificial intelligence.

  • International Scale: Compete and collaborate with a diverse range of participants worldwide.

PAST offers an opportunity for participants to develop innovative solutions using AI, tailored to their background and experience, and to share these globally.

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create a poster, which is promotion abou

"AI-JAM US, PAIA in Korea, Hub Global in Vietnam Jointly Hosted Competition"

Practical AI Solutions Tournament (PAST) - 

AI-JAM US, PAIA in Korea, and Hubglobal in Vietnam collaborate to host this competition. Three associations promote and support innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence and data utilization.

🌐 Practical AI Solutions Tournament (PAST) 🌐

Competition Fields:
Web Application with Streamlit
- Research Paper and Poster with Data Analysis
- Python Game Development
- Earth Environment Poster & Data Science Project
- Development with chatGPT, AI-wonder, and other AI tools

Competition Description:
This competition focuses on utilizing generative and predictive artificial intelligence to enhance traditional methods in work, research, data analysis and interpretation, software development, and game development. It provides a platform for participants to apply AI in innovative ways to produce faster and higher-quality results compared to conventional methods.


Evaluation Criteria:
- The development of AI models is not a criterion for evaluation. Instead, the competition assesses the ability to use AI to produce results that are faster and of higher quality than traditional outcomes.
- Feasibility: Assessment of the implementability and applicability of the proposed solution in the real world.
- Social Impact: Consideration of the project's positive impact on society or the environment.


Types of Awards:
The following awards will be presented in this competition:

- Grand Prix: For the best project, acknowledging outstanding technical excellence and social impact.
- Gold: For projects demonstrating high technical quality and innovation.
- Silver: Based on technical excellence and feasibility.
- Bronze: Recognizing projects for their technical quality and feasibility.


Through these evaluation criteria and award categories, PAST honors participants who develop innovative projects and achieve remarkable results in the fields of artificial intelligence and data utilization.

This revised content aligns with the focus on practical AI applications and the evaluation of how AI is utilized to improve traditional methods in various fields.

We're thrilled to showcase the employee

Tools and Platforms:

  • AI-Wonder and GPT:

    • AI- Wonder: A no-code tool for data analysis and predictive AI model development. Simply upload data, and it automatically explores, builds models, and performs predictions.

    • GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer): A generative AI integrated into AI-Wonder. Participants can use this tool to generate unique policy proposals based on the analyzed data.

  • AI-Wonder developed by canAI:

    • A platform equipped with top-notch features for automatically creating AI models. Participants can use this platform for data analysis and creating optimized AI models.

    • Leveraging the provided datasets, participants can utilize AI-Wonder to develop optimized AI models and simulate the impact of their policy proposals. For example, if the policy is to minimize fires in Hanoi by installing specific life-saving structures and securing escape routes in certain buildings, the AI can predict the outcome in terms of fire-related fatalities.


Data Provision:

  • The competition organizers provide participants with datasets related to specific topics. For example, datasets related to "Hanoi fire incidents" may be provided, focusing on data relevant to the competition's theme.


Data Analysis and Visualization:

  • Participants are equipped with tools by the organizers. They upload the datasets to AI-Wonder, which automatically analyzes the data's correlations. AI-Wonder also provides visualizations to help participants interpret key features and trends within the data.

Generative AI for Policy Proposal:

  • Using AI- Wonder's analyzed results, participants work with GPT to formulate concrete policy proposals through questions and requests. For instance, they might propose specific policy measures like "Drafting a detailed policy implementation plan for fire safety in Hanoi, taking into account the unique characteristics of Hanoi's housing structures." Further details are added by considering the housing structures and residents' lifestyles in Hanoi.

AI Model Implementation:

  • Participants can use tools such as AI-Wonder to automatically implement AI models if needed. These models bridge the gap between the data and policy proposals.


  • Participants utilize the AI models developed with AI-Wonder to run simulations. This process helps them understand how policies affect real scenarios and generate counterfactuals.


  • Participants create detailed reports using platforms like TWD canAI, showcasing their policy proposals and simulation results. These presentations are given live at the end of the competition.


Message to Participants:

This competition offers you the opportunity to tackle real-world problems using data and AI. Your participation and creative efforts are highly encouraged, and outstanding projects will receive awards and recognition.

By participating in the Data-Based Artificial Intelligence Utilization Competition, you can gain valuable experience in data science, machine learning, and AI while contributing to solving real-world issues.

Detailed schedules and rules will be provided on the day of the competition. If you have any additional questions or need further information about the competition, please feel free to reach out at any time.

🌟 Don't miss this unique opportunity to redefine the boundaries of your capabilities and research. 🌟

Ready to Embark on a Transdisciplinary Journey?


Apply Now by Emailing Us :!"


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