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Kid's Story Book Contest by AI-JAM

Are you a fan of creative challenges and picture books? Then you won't want to miss out on the Bobbi Diboo Picture Book Contest! This exciting contest invites you to use your imagination and artistic skills to bring the lovable character of Bobbi Diboo to life in your own unique way. And with the help of AI-generated programs, you can take your artwork to the next level and truly make it stand out. So why wait? Join the contest today and show off your creativity to the world!

Project AI-JAM US Kids' Picture Book Contest
Draw Your Own Story with AI

Attention all kindergarten, elementary and middle school students! AI-JAM Association is excited to announce our upcoming contest for creating AI storybooks! The goal of the contest is to create a storybook using AI technology, with or without the help of our recommended AI platform, Bobbi Diboo.

To participate, simply write a short story and use AI to generate illustrations that match the storyline. The creativity and originality of the story and illustrations will be the main focus of the evaluation.


Participants will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Storyline (originality, creativity, and coherence)

  2. Illustrations (quality, relevance, and coherence with the story)

  3. Use of AI technology (whether or not AI technology is used to create the illustrations)


Here's how to enter:

  1. Create an original picture book with at least 10 pages, using any means you prefer, including AI technology.

  2. Submit your entry on our website ( by the submission deadline.

  3. Wait for the results to be announced on our website and social media channels.


Here's how to use Bobbi Dibbo! 

The video tutorial for using Bobbi Diboo, an AI-generated picture book, demonstrates how simple it is to create a personalized storybook by selecting pre-made illustrations and adding your own text with just a few clicks.​


A message from AI-JAM

We encourage all participants to use the AI platform, Bobbi Diboo, to generate their illustrations, but it is not required. If you choose to use another AI platform or create your illustrations manually, you are welcome to do so.

Don't miss this chance to showcase your storytelling and AI skills! The contest will begin on August 18th and the deadline for submissions is August 1st. Winners will be announced on August 18th. Good luck and have fun!

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