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How To Download Amba Yahaluwo, A Classic Sinhala Novel, For Free

Amba Yahaluwo tells the story of two youngsters, Nimal and Sunil (Sudhu Appo), who come from different social backgrounds and castes. Nimal is the son of a poor daily wage worker, while Sunil is the grandson of a wealthy landlord. They meet when Sunil steals a mango that Nimal had picked up, and they end up fighting over it. However, Sunil soon regrets his mistake and becomes Nimals friend. He starts sharing his food and toys with Nimal and his family, who are struggling to survive.

How to Download Amba Yahaluwo, a Classic Sinhala Novel, for Free

Their friendship faces many challenges and obstacles from their elders, who try to keep them apart because of their social differences. Sunils grandmother disapproves of his friendship with Nimal and tries to send him away to another region. Nimals father is accused of stealing from Sunils grandfather and is beaten up by his men. But no matter how hard they try to separate them, Nimal and Sunil always find a way to see each other and help each other.

Amba Yahaluwo is a novel that teaches valuable lessons about friendship, compassion, courage, loyalty, and social justice. It shows how two children can overcome the barriers of caste, class, and prejudice with their pure hearts and innocent minds. It also depicts the harsh realities of poverty, exploitation, and violence that many people face in Sri Lanka. It is a novel that appeals to both children and adults alike, as it touches upon universal themes and emotions.

If you want to read this masterpiece of Sinhala literature for free, you can download it from the link below. You will need a PDF reader to open the file. Enjoy reading Amba Yahaluwo and share it with your friends!

Download Amba Yahaluwo for free

Amba Yahaluwo was written by T.B. Ilangaratne, a Sri Lankan author, politician, and diplomat. He was born in 1913 and died in 1992. He wrote many novels, short stories, plays, and poems in Sinhala. He was also a member of parliament and a cabinet minister. He served as the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to India and the United Kingdom. He was awarded the title of Deshamanya, the second highest national honour in Sri Lanka, for his contributions to literature and public service.

The novel was translated into English by Seneviratne B. Aludeniya, a Sri Lankan scholar and writer. He has translated many Sinhala literary works into English, including novels by Martin Wickramasinghe, Karunasena Jayalath, and Gunadasa Amarasekara. He has also written books on Sinhala language and culture. He is currently a professor of Sinhala at the University of Colombo.

The film adaptation of Amba Yahaluwo was directed by Nimal Navaratne, a Sri Lankan filmmaker and actor. He has directed many films and tele-dramas in Sinhala, including Sihina Wasanthayak, Thunman Handiya, and Sagarayak Meda. He has also acted in many films and tele-dramas, such as Golu Hadawatha, Duhulu Malak, and Doo Daruwo. He won the Sarasaviya Award for Best Director for Amba Yahaluwo in 1990. 04f6b60f66


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