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Milica Jakovljević Mir-Jam: The Most Popular Serbian Romance Writer

Milica JakovljeviÄ Mir-Jam: The Most Popular Serbian Romance Writer

Milica JakovljeviÄ Mir-Jam was a Serbian journalist and novelist who wrote under the pseudonym Mir-Jam. She was one of the most popular and widely read authors of romantic fiction in the interwar period. Her novels and stories depict the lives, loves, and struggles of women in the urban and rural settings of Serbia and Yugoslavia. She was known for her realistic and captivating style, her humor and wit, and her ability to create memorable characters and situations.

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In this article, we will introduce you to some of her best works, which are available in various editions and formats. Whether you are looking for a classic love story, a historical saga, or a humorous adventure, you will find something to enjoy in Mir-Jam's books.

Dama u plavom (The Lady in Blue)

This is one of Mir-Jam's most famous novels, which was also adapted into a TV series in 1987. It tells the story of Nada, a young and beautiful woman who works as a secretary for a wealthy businessman. She falls in love with his son, Aleksandar, who is engaged to another woman. Nada has to face many obstacles and challenges in her quest for happiness, including social prejudice, family pressure, and Aleksandar's indecisiveness. The novel is set in Belgrade in the 1930s and offers a vivid portrait of the city's high society and its customs.

Samac u braku (The Bachelor in Marriage)

This is a humorous novel that follows the adventures of Vlada, a handsome and successful lawyer who is married to Vera, a spoiled and demanding woman. Vlada is unhappy in his marriage and seeks refuge in his work and his friends. He also has a secret affair with Ljubica, a young and naive girl who works as a maid in his office. However, his life gets complicated when he finds out that Ljubica is pregnant and that Vera wants a divorce. The novel is full of funny situations, witty dialogues, and ironic twists.

Nepobedivo srce (The Invincible Heart)

This is a historical novel that spans two generations of a noble family during the turbulent times of the First and Second Balkan Wars and the First World War. It focuses on the love story of Jelena and Marko, who meet as children and grow up together. They are separated by war, betrayal, and tragedy, but their love remains strong and unbreakable. The novel also depicts the political and social changes that affect Serbia and its people during these events.

Greh njene mame (Her Mother's Sin)

This is another historical novel that explores the themes of family, identity, and destiny. It tells the story of AnÄelija, a young woman who grows up in an orphanage without knowing anything about her origins. She is adopted by a wealthy couple who treat her well but hide a dark secret from her. AnÄelija falls in love with Mladen, a handsome officer who is also unaware of his true parentage. Their relationship is threatened by the past that haunts them both.

Otmica muÅkarca (The Kidnapping of a Man)

This is a light-hearted novel that revolves around a bizarre plot to kidnap a man for ransom. The man in question is Svetozar, a rich and arrogant bachelor who has many enemies and admirers. He is kidnapped by four women who have different motives and plans for him. They take him to a secluded villa where they try to seduce him, blackmail him, or reform him. However, things do not go as expected and Svetozar turns out to be more than they bargained for.


Milica JakovljeviÄ Mir-Jam was a prolific and talented writer who left behind a rich legacy of romantic novels and stories. Her books are still popular today among readers of all ages and backgrounds. They offer an insight into the history, culture, and psychology of Serbia and its people. They also provide entertainment, emotion, and inspiration for e0e6b7cb5c


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