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Jennylyn Mercado's Coffee Table Book: A Celebration of Motherhood

Jennylyn Mercado's Coffee Table Book: A Celebration of Motherhood

Jennylyn Mercado is a Filipino actress, singer, and model who rose to fame after winning the first season of the reality talent show StarStruck. She has starred in several movies and television shows, such as One Night Only, English Only Please, My Love From The Star, and Descendants of the Sun. She is also a proud single mother to her son Alex Jazz, whom she had with her former boyfriend Patrick Garcia.

In 2008, Jennylyn decided to document her journey of pregnancy and motherhood in a coffee table book titled Jennylyn Mercado: A Celebration of Motherhood. The book features stunning photos of Jennylyn taken by renowned photographer Raymund Isaac, as well as personal stories and insights from the actress herself. The book aims to inspire and educate other women who are going through or planning to go through the same experience.

Jennylyn Mercado Coffee Table Book

The book covers various topics related to pregnancy and motherhood, such as prenatal care, delivery, breastfeeding, bonding, and coping with challenges. It also showcases Jennylyn's transformation from a young starlet to a mature and responsible mother. The book also includes photos of Jennylyn's son Alex Jazz from birth to two months old.

Jennylyn Mercado: A Celebration of Motherhood was launched in November 2008 and was distributed in bookstores nationwide. It was also made available in some parts of the United States through sponsors. The book received positive feedback from fans and critics alike, who praised Jennylyn's courage and honesty in sharing her personal life. The book also served as a testament to Jennylyn's resilience and dedication as an actress and a mother.

Since then, Jennylyn has continued to balance her career and family life with grace and passion. She has starred in more movies and shows, such as The Prenup, Walang Forever, Love You Two, and The Cure. She has also ventured into producing and directing, with her digital series #JenSurvives and #JenOnly. She has also released several albums and singles, such as Ultimate, Never Alone, and Hagdan.

Jennylyn has also maintained a healthy and happy relationship with her husband Dennis Trillo, whom she married in 2019. The couple welcomed their second child, Dylan, in April 2021. Jennylyn also considers Dennis's son Calix as her own. The family often shares their bonding moments on social media, such as traveling, cooking, and playing games.

Jennylyn is also an advocate of fitness and wellness. She regularly works out and practices pilates to keep herself in shape and boost her energy. She recently wowed her fans when she showed her fitness progress six months after giving birth to Dylan[^1^]. She also promotes a plant-based diet and encourages others to adopt a more compassionate lifestyle.

Jennylyn Mercado is truly an inspiration to many women who aspire to have it all: a successful career, a loving family, and a fulfilling life. Her coffee table book Jennylyn Mercado: A Celebration of Motherhood is a testament to her journey and achievements as an actress and a mother. 0efd9a6b88


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