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On-site Competition,
AI-JAM 2023 
in Hanoi, Vietnam
October 2 & 3 (Two Days)

AI-JAM US has been operating as the world's first online event during the pandemic. Our management team recognizes the importance of enabling participants from around the world to learn about AI and use it as a tool to solve problems in their lives. As such, we have decided to expand our reach and conduct local on-site competitions in addition to online events.

In 2023, AI-JAM US will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Our aim is not only to provide an exciting event, but also to offer the AI-JAM-made artificial intelligence platform as a tool and disseminate educational programs so that students in Southeast Asian countries can directly utilize artificial intelligence. We are committed to promoting creative activities with artificial intelligence and sharing the results with our participants. We look forward to meeting you at our upcoming event.

The deadline for online registration is August 4th, 2023.

The deadline for on-site registration is September 15th, 2023.

(If you submit and registered online, no additional submittion is in need for on-site event.) 

** Further details will be updated soon **


1. How to register on-site event

- When.
- How much to pay registration fee.

If you register,

AI-JAM US (online)                                               ☞ Pay "online registration fee" 

AI-JAM in Asia (on-site event)                              ☞ Pay "on-site registration fee" 

AI-JAM US (online) and AI-JAM in Asia (on-site) ☞ Pay "ONLY on-site registration fee" 

2. What if you join two events?

If you register for both AI-JAM US (online) and AI-JAM in Asia (on-site), you only need to pay for the on-site registration fee.

The deadline for on-site registration is September 15th, 2023.

3. How to submit the project

- Poster, research papers, and video presentation

- Invention, Creation with AI,

- Data analysis results & interpretation (Please use "Magic canAI platform")

- Art performance by AI, Metaverse, 3D drawing, NTF and other technology

- Make a storybook with AI (Please use "Bobbi Diboo" App)   

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On-site Competition
in Vin University,
Hanoi, Vietnam 


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